Ballistic Bunny

by Two Games Joined

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Celebrating 20 years of the Jazz Jackrabbit franchise, we're bringing looping, largely instrumental, remake-styled remixes from the first game's second episode - that's right, called Ballistic Bunny! Aside from the three remixes, the EP also contains an original song 'in the style of' - "Lavalon," in both "original" and remixed versions, as well as cut off loops of the remixes for use in your custom levels, fan games or just about anything you like. You're welcome!

Jazz Jackrabbit is a registered property of Epic Games, Inc. The following release is not an official Epic Games release and is not for sale. Two Games Joined is in no way affiliated with Epic Games, Inc. (means we can't charge you a single penny, but do help us out with some change if you'd like to!)


released September 1, 2014

DoubleGJ - arrangement, bass guitar (track 4), vocals (track 2)
Flyghtning - programming, vocoder (track 3)
Kelen - guitar (tracks 2 & 4)

Produced by DoubleGJ
Mixed & mastered by Flyghtning
Tracks 1-3 are rearrangements of original compositions written by Robert A. Allen
Track 3 contains melodic quotes from "Song 11 epz" by ElectroPiZZa
Track 4 contains samples from "Jungle Fevah 2.0" by Alexander Brandon
Cover artwork by Allen Sutton
Artistic direction by DoubleGJ
Two Games Joined logo by Przemysław Łęgowski based on the Gameboy Advance logo, property of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Tools used: FL Studio 10, OpenMPT, NI Massive & Pro-53, Broomstick Bass and MusicLab RealLPC & RealStrat (sorry!!), digitalfishphones dominion, CamelPhat 3, Amplitube 3, dBlue glitch, Edirol Orchestral HQ, Superior Drummer 2

Special thanks to Blue Nectarine, Kasumisty, Eigus, Flyghtning's professors, dr Xymena Synak-Pskit, Anna Ellwart, Luna Ray, the Jazz2+ dev team, Dopelcat, Nukot, Little Elvis and Speaktrap!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Two Games Joined Poland

Video game music meets popular music in a twisted blend that sees no bounds in the world of musical genres. Whether it be video game remixes or original pieces, Two Games Joined seeks to find balance just as much as it tries to discover new grounds.

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