Beyond: Remixed

by Two Games Joined

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Remixed versions of the "Beyond" single. Featuring remixes by Luna Ray, Arcaira and Tom D of Inhumanity.


released April 4, 2016

Two Games Joined is:
Grzegorz "DoubleGJ" Gałek - writing / bass guitar / vocals / keys
Kamil "Flyghtning" Sosnowski - programming / DJ / keys
Wojciech "Kelen" Nelec - electric guitar

1. Beyond (Absolute Terror Mix)
Arranged by DoubleGJ
Mixed by DoubleGJ and Flyghtning
Additional vocals by DoubleGJ

2. Beyond (Wacked Out Old Fraud Mix)
Arranged by Luna Pubben vs. DoubleGJ with extra arrangement by Flyghtning
Mixed by DoubleGJ and Flyghtning

3. Beyond (Arcaira Remix)
Arranged and mixed by James Cadek

4. Beyond (Alternative Mix)
Mixed by Tomasz "Tom D" Dziekoński

5. Beyond (Video)
Directed by DoubleGJ
Guest starring Speaktrap
Contains portions of "Batman Beyond" opening clip
Contains portions of TV commercials for "Tetris", "Mega Man" & "Metroid 2: Return of Samus"

Produced by DoubleGJ
Mastered by Flyghtning
Original version of "Beyond" arranged from "Batman Beyond (Main Title)", written by Kristopher Carter
Originally performed by Jon Button, Kristopher Carter and Gabriel Moses
Also arranged from "Batman Beyond (End Credits)", written by Shirley Walker
Originally performed by Gabriel Moses and Shirley Walker
From the album "Batman Beyond", released on Rhino Entertainment, 1999

Cover artwork by Karol Konrad "Keik" Karpiński, manipulated by DoubleGJ
Two Games Joined logo by Przemysław Łęgowski based on the Gameboy Advance logo, property of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Special thanks to: All artists involved in the making of this EP, Ola Wojtewicz, Nukot, Kamchatkabyrd, Dopelcat,, Batcave, Yurai




Two Games Joined Poland

Video game music meets popular music in a twisted blend that sees no bounds in the world of musical genres. Whether it be video game remixes or original pieces, Two Games Joined seeks to find balance just as much as it tries to discover new grounds.

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Track Name: Beyond (Absolute Terror Mix)
(You know, my heart is beating extremely fast
I must experiencing absolute terror!)


Beyond apathy
Beyond greed
Beyond corruption
Beyond power

Beyond hope
Beyond courage
Beyond honor
Beyond justice


Apathy, greed, corruption, power

Hope, courage, honor


Mic check, 1, 2
Betcha motherfuckers didn't see this comin'
Didn't see me rhymin' over 8-bit drummin'
Well I got no bounds like Apocalypse
So I flap these lips and don't give a shit
Gotta step my game up so I grab that mic
Keep that shit real tight like one green-haired Spike
Wanna pick a fight? Bitch, you name the style
I'mma pick it up like my most recent save file
I can rock or rap, add some jazz or trap
Do it fast or mellow, harsh or smooth like jello
Weird like Tom Morello with his guitar tricks
Or this hardstyle mix, yeah this shit's real sick
So you got that? I ain't got a hurdle I can't skip
Let it rip like the blue streak while you trip 'n slip
Signing off: yours truly, Batman's on the track
Storm right off through the night and don't give a fuck!

Track Name: Beyond (Alternative Mix)
(Beyond) Apathy
(Beyond) Power


Beyond apathy
Beyond greed
Beyond corruption
Beyond power
Beyond hope
Beyond courage
Beyond honor
Beyond justice